Meet — Hungarian company producing all things cardboard and paper — from packaging to furniture. We met with Regina Pető who is a creative coordinator at to talk about packaging, recycling and design.

Looking at those serious production machines one might think that works with big orders only, but in fact they welcome customers who might only need 1 box. Regina recalls a story about their 61-year old customer who ordered a custom-made gift box for necklace for his wife, and they both were very happy with the result.

In fact, custom orders is their point of difference helping them to stand out from the crowd in this competitive market — they can make a box to meet your personal needs, even if you only need one. At Hungarian market in general and in Budapest in particular there are no companies at the moment that will bother with making just one piece just for you. It is either a big batch, or ready-made boxes or bags.

But for small striving businesses (like ourselves) this is a great solution, allowing them both to experiment and save money.

So you can customize your box at website, where in addition to setting the required size you can also upload your file to be printed on the packaging — from your logo to any photo to any picture. In fact, Regina mentions that among their many creative ideas they have plans to work together with Hungarian artists to print their art works on cardboard packaging and designs.

The decoration is an aspect pays a lot of attention to, because besides all kinds of packaging boxes they also make various cardboard display stands and even furniture and home décor, including lamps (and we love lamps!) is a young company who launched their online shop in March 2016, but today they are already 6, with 3 specialists working with production, and 3 engaged with creative processes, including brainstorming new designs and discussing details with customers. Details are very important, because when we are talking about the shade of cardboard, Regina tells us that usually the darker colour of cardboard means that it is a ‘reborn’ cardboard, i.e. made of recycled material.

And when we are thinking about “pizza box” packaging for one of our lamps, we learn from Regina that for pizza and food in general one must use special boxes produced in controlled, purified environment. This means extra expenses for the equipment and because of that you can count producers of food packaging in Hungary with your fingers, and many are ordering their boxes from other European countries.

While some import their boxes, plan expanding and exporting theirs to Romania and Slovakia, where people will also be happy to have someone to make just one special box, just for them.

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