From fire, candles, gas lamps and oil lamps we came to today’s super energy-efficient LED lamps. What is so special and cool about this trendy lamp?

LED light is a light-emitting diode assembled into a bulb, lamp or lamp fixture. The newest generation of LED bulbs is filament bulbs that are very popular today and used mostly in retro, vintage or antique-style lamps that allow the filaments—yellow sticks inside bulb—to be seen.

More and more lamp manufacturers are responding to our desire for a classic Edison style lamp, and today such bulbs are available from many home décor retailers and online home and living shops. So that fancy lighting that you’ve seen before only in trendy hipster cafes can now be in your home interior too.

We love these vintage-style bulbs and use them in our many lamp designs. Sticks, globes, classic Edison and even diamond-shaped bulbs look great with modern concrete lamps and also create a soft, warm light. 

Not only they look good, they are extremely efficient too. Here is a little story about LED lamps: In 2008 US Sentry Equipment Corporation used almost solely LEDs for its new factory interior and exterior. Initial cost was three times that of a traditional mix of incandescent and fluorescent lamps, but the extra cost was recovered within two years via electricity savings, and the lamps should not need replacing for 20 years.

In addition to energy efficiency there are other advantages to classic style Edison bulbs.

  • Some of the new generation filament LED bulbs have lifespan of up to 50 000 hours (it is 1000 for incandescent lamp).
  • They do not need warming up and come to full brightness immediately after you switch the lamp on.
  • Edison LED bulbs create omnidirectional light, i.e. 360 degrees lighting.
  • Also, LEDs produce very little heat, thus saving you cooling expenses. How cool is that?

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